My Ipsy Look For March

Hello gorgeous! Today I want to share my look inspired by my Ipsy Glam Bag from March, and what I added to complete the look. So let’s  go!

When it comes to all my looks I stear more towards the “natural” look. I like light airy and elegant looks. My goal is to use makeup to enhance my features, so I keep it light. Plus, I can’t stand the feeling of a caked face!

I always begin by moisturizing… and moisturizing again! It’s important that you use a facial lotion and not a body lotion or cream. Facial lotion is then followed by primer concealer, BB cream, powder foundation and finishing powder.

For my eyes I started out with my olive oil eye cream. Which by the way is amazing!  Next, I used my Naked 2 by Urban Decay. I used shades ” Bootycall” and “Halfbaked” as a base for my eyelids, corner of my eyes, and to highlight my browline. I used shades “Foxy” to create my crease, then I blended it in with “Tease”. With my straight edge brush I applied the shade “Busted” along my lash line and slightly extended my line past my eye to create a smokey eye effect. After I brushed out my lashes I finished my eyes with my Tarte mascara with some final highlighting under my eyes with the shade “Bootycall” again.  I then completed my look with my “Roseberry” Lip Lacquer.

Well there you have it! My look for March. I hope this inspires you to play around with new looks for this spring that will really allow your features shine bright. Remember elegance is in the mind first. You are beautiful! Happy Hump Day



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