Food for Foodies

 It’s been storming here the last few days and it’s kept me from my daily outings though I miss my garden, it is thankful for all this rain. I was going through some of my magazines.. Well because who doesn’t keep them all to read over and over, ha! Anyhow, while I was skimming through an InStyle issue I came across a recipe in an article featuring Barbara Lynch. Now I’ve never been a big fan of salmon, which is odd because really enjoy most fish and seafood. Lately I’ve been on a “try new things damn it!” roll. I finally convinced myself it would be amazing, after all HOW (eye rolls) bad could it really be? Well… IT WAS PHENOMENAL, not to shout or anything. I’m a real sucker for yummy food. Like I say I’m all for a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to food  I’m a foodie at heart. If its tasty I will eat it!  When I can find an amazing dish AND it’s healthy, that my friend is heaven. Okay, okay enough about me below is the picture I found in my issue and a link the recipe and lovely article online. Enjoy and happy day!


Barbara Lynch’s Seared Salmon with White Beans & Spinach

Brought to you by InStyle & Barbara Lynch



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